CAVLENT Corporate Solutions offers solutions for hiring, restructuring existing and new employees, people development, and divisional competency analysis. The solutions provided consist of:

Behavioral Reports

Solutions to analyze the behavioral patterns and its derivative elements. The results are not processed for specific jobs and careers purpose, however they can be used to learn more about the person’s personality in detail

Best occasion to use: If the goal is to understand the person’s personality and behaviors (whatever the job, position, or role).

Custom Culture-Fit / Job-Fit Reports

Solution to check candidates or existing team using a set of custom criteria selected by the company based on CAVLENT's check list.

Best occasion to use: if a company wants to have the flexibility in screening a candidate before proceeding them to the interview stage, or culture-fit checking on existing employees, based on the customely-selected criterias.

Talent Mapping Reports

A solution to check a candidate / team’s suitability compared to a list of jobs based on their own competencies. Will also provide analysis of the capacity to work as a manager, strong and weak competencies, indication of destructive traits, the most suitable work role, the work motivation, dan leadership potential.

Best occasion to use: if a company need to execute internal restructuring plan, career promotion, or assigning new hire on another potential job (aside from the one they applied for).


CAVLENT Kids & Education Solutions offers solutions for kids and teens in understanding their potential talents, suitability of study majors (Academic / Vocational High School, and Colleges), the suitability of career majors (for fresh graduates), and self-development purposes. The solutions provided consist of:

Education & Career Recommendation

Analysis that provides recommendations in study & career majors. The options are:

  • The suitability of majors in Academic and Vocational
  • College majors suitability
  • Career recommendations (fresh graduate candidates only)

Teens & Kids Personality Profiling

Solutions that provides kids (8 - 12 y.o) & teens profiling analysis. The available options are:

  • The potential of talents and its development
  • Self-development & improvement for better educational purposes

School / Institution Compentency Mapping

An analysis in mapping the competence of students in a class or in the school as a group, to be used as a reference and supporting data for improving the quality of learning, the teachers' teaching method, analysing the majors of study that are most relevant to the students.

The findings can also be used for strategy development in growing the schools and institutions in the future.

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